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Ingrid de la Torre on Wattpad.☺

Ingrid de la Torre on Wattpad

Recently, I became a member on Wattpad and started posting and/or updating stories I have entirely created soon after realizing that I wanted to share free reads to my readers.

As of writing, I already have one completed (Fling) and two ongoing works (Hot Intruder and My Chunky Kind of Love).

Fling is about a simple woman falling hard for a man who happens to be the big boss and a man who wants nothing to do with love and forever.

Hot Intruder is a story about a game that two can play. The big question: Who will play better? The Hot Intruder or the gorgeous Witch Doctor?

My Chunky Kind of Love is Peppa’s story. A girl who is a little overweight for her age but finds herself in a funny journey through the complexity of love, having to choose only one love interest- Yustav or Yuan, the power twins.

The full/lengthy version will give you the best toe-tingling love story.

Love does not only happen on the bigscreen. Love is real. Love is in YOUR heart. ☺

FLING [Wattpad] – teaser

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*I don’t own any of the rights to these clips.*

Visit and follow me on wattpad, IngridDelaTorreRN and know more about Nathan Carlos Larusso. :)

The Man I love

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Four years ago you came into my life and your amazing smile captured me. According to the latest research, the secret for the perfect smile is to hide your gums, hold the bleach and don’t show your bottom teeth–you have already mastered that, haven’t you? And the day you flashed your teeth, I knew that there was something special about you and that we would share something special.

Now we’ve come so far since that day and so many things have happened since then; good, bad, funny, and annoying. Things that made us cry. Things we didn’t expect. Things that brought smile into our faces. 

After all these years… after everything, we still have each other and with a new addition to the family tree. I’m happy that you are still a part of me because nobody knows me better than you (except my family of course). You love me even if I wear no-make up. You love me even if I didn’t work out. You love me even if I’m not perfect. And most of all, you love me–everyday. Every waking day. 

And… I love you too.

Sneak Peek: In My Heart (Nathan)

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I am most comfortable when I’m with you. Pag ikaw kasama ko, okay lang kahit na mukha akong tambay sa kanto, o sobrang takaw kong kumain, o gusot2 ang damit ko. Lagi mong sinasabing ang ganda2 ko kahit na hindi mai-drawing ang hitsura ko. You always make me feel like I’m the prettiest woman on earth. Like I’m the sexiest even if I gain extra pounds. Tanggap mo lahat ng kabaliwan, katopakan at kamalditahan ko.

Gustung-gusto ko sa tuwing binibigyan mo ako ng piggyback ride tapos magko-complain kang masakit ang likod mo. Natatawa ako pag naaalala ko ang mga powertrip natin na kunwari’y hindi tayo magkakilala tapos ay lalapitan mo ako at makikipagkilala ka sa akin. And I can’t help but smile thinking that I always compare us to the powerful superhero John Hancock and Mary. ‘Cause when I’m with you, I’m at my weakest. And I don’t even know why. Pero kahit na ganun, ang ganda pa rin ng feeling kasi tini-treat mo akong parang baby. Kulang na lang talaga ay iupo mo ako sa highchair.

You always make me feel better, and I’m glad I have you. Almost 4 years and congrats dahil hindi ka pa rin napapagod sa akin. I miss you so much. Alam kong hindi biro ang mga napagdaanan natin at pinagdaraanan pa natin ngayon. We were given the chance, space and time to examine our feelings. At kung tayo talaga ang para sa isa’t isa, we’d end up together… 

Emotera Ang Lola :)

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Don’t hate. Appreciate!

Cartoon Effect.

Pagpasensiyahan nyo na po ang kabaliwan kong ito. haha. Sadyang wala lang talaga akong magawa sa buhay ko.

At ganito kasi ang hitsura ko kapag todo-pokus ako sa pagsusulat at sa pag-iisip ng kung anu-anong mga eksena para sa MS ko. hehe.


Daredevil Hotties Teaser

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Love has never been this DANGEROUS…

Warm Bodies

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dfafafWarm Bodies: A novel by Isaac Marion.


Yesterday (February 7, 2013), we went to see ‘Warm Bodies.’ I’m giving it two enthusiastic thumbs up. Nicholas Hoult is so hot! And I love Teresa Palmer, too.


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